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File: 129851482083.png–(7.39KB, 748x209, batman2.PNG)
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File: 129728833421.jpg–(48.08KB, 600x216, valentine.jpg)
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File: 128615488870.jpg–(759.10KB, 347x600, squirtlelikeabosstest.jpg)
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12886794454.jpg–(0.99MB, 462x860, billismycopilot.jpg)

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128867948732.jpg–(342.07KB, 462x860, billismycopilot.jpg)

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133723052444.png–(165.82KB, 600x539, scribblything.png)

File: 128096323867.jpg–(194.85KB, 752x1024, 1232941727677.jpg)
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If you could have your own "Bond Girl" who would it be?

Picture DEFINITELY related.
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128097089647.jpg–(181.61KB, 786x754, aaaahitsdavies.jpg)
But is he THIS Welsh?
¨ No.101
I can't tell, he's still in the packaging.
¨ No.103
Don't kid yourself, no one could be more Welsh than him. Oh god, I want tea now.

File: 128095908962.png–(9.18KB, 400x400, Q14.png)
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7887 10 min late
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128097063816.jpg–(45.17KB, 455x300, 7 PROXIES.jpg)
lolsec ixvii whatever. i got 7 proxies motherfuckers.

so tired of fuckin quobies being shitty and engineer on everything

why the fuck do i want your shit seriously
¨ No.98
oh, it's YOU. Fucking figures. Why hasn't anyone capped you yet?
¨ No.102
128097099780.gif–(554.34KB, 250x170, Deal with it crab.gif)
cause im the best motherfuckin q there ever was.

File: 128096988064.jpg–(264.52KB, 600x450, Blowfish.jpg)
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Did anybody else hear that the Blowfish cipher finally got cracked? If it's true I just won ten bucks
¨ No.89
Yeah, but it's bullshit. Saw the "crack" - they're just making shit up.
¨ No.90
128097018651.jpg–(27.54KB, 500x375, funny-pictures-unhappy-puffer-fish.jpg)
I will be so pissed

File: 128096720540.jpg–(84.54KB, 500x637, tumblr_l0sxziZ1Sh1qzhf15o1_500.jpg)
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Best Images Ever Captured on Microfilm.

File: 128096664139.jpg–(39.71KB, 847x575, Aeroplane.jpg)
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Freelance Q - lemme know if you need anything.

Also, anyone waiting for shit from R&G can stop holding their breath, R got audited & G is MIA, owes taxes.

File: 128095719871.jpg–(153.01KB, 500x371, 102335810_11afe564ff.jpg)
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ITT post your spy-cars
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128095770419.jpg–(63.26KB, 750x534, 2s1ual1.jpg)

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128095778624.jpg–(84.22KB, 444x568, kbxht.jpg)

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128096216986.gif–(244.50KB, 280x253, w00t.gif)

File: 128095595617.jpg–(87.63KB, 800x600, Water lilies.jpg)
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The weather in Oslo should be fairly warm next week.
¨ No.3
But will it rain?
¨ No.35
One time I got in trouble trying to use this exact same pass phrase in Belgium. Said "Mais pleuvra-t-il?" and they were looking for "Mais est-ce qu'il pleuvra?" Fucking nitpickers, they told me the pass phrase in ENGLISH and they're lucky I didn't just say "Mais il vais pleuvoir."

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