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136673317475.jpg–(79.61KB, 700x900, Untitled-1.jpg)

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136681211430.jpg–(274.93KB, 517x800, lightninghandscolor.jpg)

File: 133186537819.png–(26.15KB, 173x216, @ColdDeadEyes #heyhoney #FBIfoundyoursneakers - Th)
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13664889118.jpg–(24.02KB, 300x300, beard-opinions.jpg)

File: 132954482343.jpg–(52.14KB, 588x435, wires on truck1.jpg)
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Same as the old spychan except it doesn't have my name in the url. Feel free to use it for your random-image-hosting needs -- they say I have unlimited bandwidth. Uptime, however, is questionable at best.

If you upload anything, keep in mind it's here foreverish, because deleting things is hard and I'm lazy.

Anybody know CSS? We'd like to make the color scheme something other than the stock pink, but again, lazy.
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133074588648.jpg–(43.55KB, 381x500, Untitled-3.jpg)

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133123357786.jpg–(121.22KB, 1280x990, genderbend.jpg)

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File: 136592935268.jpg–(231.58KB, 710x800, cupgoggles2.jpg)
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dang anybody know how to install a CAPTCHA on this thing? We seem to be getting a bit of spam.

Also have a random picture of a bored ballplayer

File: 136559583273.jpg–(491.94KB, 900x918, wrongdeer051.jpg)
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136559594768.jpg–(489.29KB, 900x835, wrongdeer052.jpg)

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