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File: 135697581155.jpg–(760.53KB, 1200x675, acastofhundreds2.jpg)
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135697612191.jpg–(449.20KB, 700x789, spacehottie.jpg)

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135697624151.jpg–(272.72KB, 625x800, unicornsandstuff.jpg)

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135697634533.jpg–(238.14KB, 800x417, MontyPercy.jpg)

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135618569537.gif–(1.70MB, 300x225, VifRk.gif)

File: 135554016856.jpg–(176.94KB, 548x700, CrevanMarcassmall.jpg)
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File: 135503112134.jpg–(116.22KB, 800x600, coffin1.jpg)
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13550315939.jpg–(65.26KB, 800x600, coffin8.jpg)

File: 135191926696.jpg–(899.16KB, 900x1035, critters001.jpg)
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135192011111.jpg–(614.57KB, 900x1045, critters009.jpg)

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135193039518.jpg–(35.46KB, 663x779, wip.JPG)

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135411299753.jpg–(479.07KB, 700x540, Scene1preview.jpg)

File: 128095962926.jpg–(35.41KB, 400x300, launder_kuching.jpg)
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I...I seem to have gotten "wine" on my suit.
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Got the suit back now; looks good as new. I left Karen a bottle of good quality wine.

Who else is going to be about in Vegas this week?
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File: 128144361571.jpg–(301.26KB, 867x1075, 1250030757966.jpg)
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Walk in, see this, wat do?

There's one in my kitchen right now.
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¨ No.125
Or do more drugs until it goes away. Alternatively, offer it drugs, then kill it once it's fucked up. Pawn sax for money for more drugs.

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128868456772.gif–(388.39KB, 150x187, tyrasee.gif)

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File: 128872915995.png–(352.58KB, 680x511, the sexual wizard.PNG)
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Q Branch just gave me this fucking thing. I don't even know what the fuck. I turn it on and it's all "hola senor ju want hear song" so I went for the CD player and it was like "no mang no what song ju want me to play from that" and I was like 'secret agent man' just because I always play that as a horrible ironic thing to test out my Q cars' sound systems on the first drive

it fucking like
locks down the radio and starts trying to sing it so it's all
"seekret agent mang... da da la la secret agent mang" over and over to the tune

what the fuck

also it has a built-in auto-refilling bong but i dont know where the fuck the stuff is coming from because there's no storage for it and it just kind of APPEARS like it was cloaked even when i dump the thing out and put it back
¨ No.137
Everything about this is amazing, tell the Q guys to start mass production immediately.
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File: 128095616226.gif–(44.82KB, 385x326, smellflower.gif)
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Let the spying commence.
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I'll commence Spying
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131736990168.jpg–(55.01KB, 591x558, butterhead.jpg)

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File: 135122738816.jpg–(300.05KB, 800x618, panel1sketch.jpg)
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